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Our People United States McKinsey & Company

Leads McKinsey’s High Tech, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications (TMT) Practices in the southern United States, with particular expertise in digital and analytics and a focus on corporate strategy, sales and marketing, and commercial transformation. Srikant Inampudi. Senior Partner, Detroit. Visit URL

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McKinsey Downloads: Reports and

The McKinsey Download Hub. Download McKinsey’s signature reports and special collections on the management issues that matter, from leading through the COVID-19 crisis to managing risk and digitizing operations. For our most recent articles, see our featured insights and coronavirus collection pages. Visit URL

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Industry value chain resilience McKinsey

1 day ago · The company deployed an optimization AI that enabled operators to analyze and implement granular, actionable suggestions across the entire value chain and subsequently improve throughput. Real-time supply-chain monitoring Visit URL

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Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of …

The authors are all current or former consultants of McKinsey & Company's corporate-finance practice. Collectively they have more than 75 years of experience in consulting and financial education. Tim Koller is a partner in McKinsey's Stamford, Connecticut, office, where he is a founder of McKinsey's Strategy and Corporate Finance Insights team Visit URL

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Southern California United States McKinsey & Company

Established more than 60 years ago, the Southern California office has deep roots within both client and not-for-profit communities. Our Los Angeles–based office supports a vibrant cross-industry mix of public and private organizations in the healthcare, energy, consumer, retail, media and entertainment, industrial, and private-equity industries. Visit URL

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Using power and technology to deliver

Our approach to power generation greatly influenced our approach to technology, including security, turnstiles, elevators, building-management systems, access control systems, telephone, and Wi-Fi. We believed it was both socially responsible and commercially viable to wire Hudson Yards with a focus on data and connectivity—despite a $40 Visit URL

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State of European asset management

State of the European asset management industry: Adapting to a new normal 5 1 Excluding small asset managers with AUM under €10 billion Source: IPE Number of asset managers globally by size,1 € billion Average AUM, 2007 vs. 2018, Visit URL

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About Us McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm that serves leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits. Visit URL

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State of Fashion

No company will get through the pandemic alone, and fashion players need to share data, strategies, and insights on how to navigate the storm. Brands, suppliers, contractors, and property owners should also find ways to share the burden. Visit URL

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Employers’ role in COVID-19 vaccination

The company also announced it will work with CVS Pharmacy to evaluate how to best offer vaccines to employees at Target’s in-store CVS Pharmacy locations. 11 Increase proximity. Healthcare systems across the globe have reported setting up … Visit URL

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How global companies can manage geopolitical risk McKinsey

Many company boards already deliberate geopolitical risks to one degree or another. But the discussions often focus on a specific investment, project, or market entry or exit. As a result, they fail to examine the broader strategic landscape, full range … Visit URL

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Why the recovery can’t be about “growth at all costs

Understand aspirations before you rush to advice and solutions. I have a son more passionate about tech company rivalries than sports rivalries, a daughter with a computer science degree who’s pursuing priesthood, a highly-creative daughter exploring a career in marketing, and a transgender son focused on animal welfare and human rights who’d like to be a veterinarian. Visit URL

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Search jobs Careers McKinsey & Company

2 days ago · Featured. COVID Response Center. Practical resources to help leaders navigate to the next normal: guides, tools, checklists, interviews and more. McKinsey Institute for Black Economic Mobility Visit URL

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Our Leadership McKinsey & Company

Our Acceleration Team is a global leadership body that accelerates the delivery of our client service and people mission. The team connects leaders of regions and key functions, such as People & Diversity, Risk & Resilience, and Finance, to make decisions and take action in support of our firm’s performance and health, consistent with the direction set by the Shareholders Council and Visit URL

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Organizational cyber maturity: A survey of industries

Some assets are extraordinary—of critical importance to a company and its business. The digital business model is, in fact, entirely dependent on trust. If a company’s customer interface is not secure, the risk can become existential. Safeguarding such assets is the heart of an effective strategy to protect against cyberthreats. Visit URL

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Bob Sternfels Elected Global Managing

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm committed to helping organizations create Change that Matters. In more than 130 cities and 65 countries, our teams help clients across the private, public and social sectors shape bold strategies and transform the way they work, embed technology where it unlocks value, and build Visit URL

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Case study: Building a customer-centric B2B organization

In analyzing the different customers, the company discovered a pattern: three journeys—scheduling inquiry, transport and delivery, and quality discrepancy—were deemed crucial by all customers. A new, multichannel system was designed to address the company’s various challenges in collecting customer feedback. Visit URL

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Company philosophy: 'The way we do things around here

Company philosophy: 'The way we do things around here'. With a little metal plate bearing the title and the artist's name, the painting is a constant reminder to me that any successful organization must give continuing attention to keeping adjusted to the forces affecting it—that is, to the forces-at-work element of its philosophy. Visit URL

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The impact and opportunities of

So, one major benefit of automation in construction is the potential for quite a large uptick in productivity. There are three primary opportunities for automation in construction. The first is automation of what are considered traditional physical tasks on-site—for instance, robots laying bricks and machines paving roads. Visit URL

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Preparing your organization for growth McKinsey

The company established clear decision rights and decision-making protocols, including formal stage-gate mechanisms to determine, for example, if products were ready to enter large-scale clinical trials. It also worked to ensure that there were clear, strong links between portfolio decisions and the way scientists and other resources were Visit URL

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The global company’s challenge McKinsey

A global company benefits from a geographically diverse business portfolio that provides a natural hedge against the volatility of local growth, country risk, and currency risk. But pursuing so many emerging-market opportunities is taking global companies deep into areas with unfamiliar risks that many find difficult to evaluate. Visit URL

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Bridging the gap between a company’s strategy and

The company’s approach to profit-and-loss accountability exacerbated the problem: it booked revenues and costs entirely against individual service lines, rather than by customer. That reinforced existing silos of activity and limited the company’s ability … Visit URL

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The new possible: How HR can help

For instance, commercial-vehicle manufacturer Scania holds an annual “Climate Day,” during which the company stops operations for one hour to hold sustainability training, in line with its purpose to “drive the shift toward a sustainable transport system.” 2 HR can also ensure that clear changes are made to recruitment and capability-building processes by determining the Visit URL

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A playbook for newly minted private equity portfolio

Portfolio-company CEOs need to get comfortable with a nonhierarchical, horizontal culture. Speed to value is prized over meticulous planning Arguably, the biggest concrete difference between the role of a CEO in PE and any other type of CEO is the pace. Visit URL

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The keys to organizational agility

Defining organizational agility. Aaron De Smet: Agility is the ability of an organization to renew itself, adapt, change quickly, and succeed in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment. Agility is not incompatible with stability—quite the contrary. Agility requires stability for most companies. Video. Visit URL

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How to engage employees

Almost every company says they would like to do this, but few succeed. Business leaders regularly communicate their company’s higher purpose in a vision or mission statement and try to reinforce it at conferences and workshops. While these efforts are well intended, few have a positive or lasting impact. Sometimes, the problem is the vision Visit URL

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Behavioral science in business

In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, partner Julia Sperling, consultant Magdalena Smith, and consultant Anna Güntner speak with McKinsey Publishing’s Tim Dickson about how companies can use behavioral science to address unconscious bias and instincts and manage the irrational mind. Employing techniques such as “nudging” and different Visit URL

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Applying artificial intelligence at

Artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) has the potential to generate huge business value for semiconductor companies at every step of their operations, from research and chip design to production through sales. But our recent survey of semiconductor-device makers shows that only about 30 percent of respondents stated that they are already generating value through AI/ML. Visit URL

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LGBT workplace discrimination

Company policies can make life harder for LGBTQ+ employees. Only about half of Fortune 500 companies provide benefits for domestic partners, and fewer than two-thirds offer trans-inclusive healthcare coverage. 6 LGBTQ+ employees may also face hurdles qualifying for parental leave. A gay man who is having a child through a surrogate recounted Visit URL

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How do we manage the change journey

The company had recently experienced a crisis it hadn’t handled well, because of a decentralized approach to managing its public image. One initiative therefore centralized stakeholder management and PR, installed new policies and guidelines, and aimed to make the general public and key stakeholders aware of the company’s efforts to improve Visit URL

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High-performing teams: A timeless leadership topic McKinsey

The CEO of a global insurance company found himself with 18 direct reports spread around the globe who, on their videoconference meetings, could rarely discuss any single subject for more than 30 minutes because of the size of the agenda. He therefore formed three top teams, one that focused on strategy and the long-term health of the company Visit URL

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Individual performance management in

Individual performance management in the COVID-19 world. Fairness remains the foundation for effective performance management, driven by four important conversations. Supports organizations on a range of strategy and talent topics and is an expert on redesigning performance management, linking talent to value, and advancing diversity, equity Visit URL

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The five trademarks of agile organizations McKinsey

The company must also have a stable ecosystem in place to ensure that these teams are able to operate effectively. Agile organizations like Gore, ING, and Spotify focus on several elements: Implement clear, flat structures that reflect and support the way in which the organization creates value. For example, teams can be clustered into focused Visit URL

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Getting real about hybrid work McKinsey

One top tech company is developing an array of sensors and movable walls to allow for ongoing and real-time adjustments based on employee needs and patterns of work. A global financial-services leader is trying out a fully open floor plan with “hot … Visit URL

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LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace McKinsey

In this episode of McKinsey Talks Talent, talent experts Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger speak with Diana Ellsworth, leader of McKinsey’s work on diversity, equity, and inclusion, about the latest research on the LGBTQ+ experience in the workplace—including practical steps all employees can take to both signal support and advance progress.An edited version of their … Visit URL

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Essential components of a learning

Alignment with business strategy. One of an L&D executive’s primary tasks is to develop and shape a learning strategy based on the company’s business and talent strategies. The learning strategy seeks to support professional development and build capabilities across the company, on time, and in a cost-effective manner. Visit URL

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‘Back to human’: Why HR leaders

The COVID-19 pandemic—which accelerated employee demands on HR to meet physical and mental health needs, as well as intensified moral concerns about a company’s overall impact on society—lent urgency to their view that some core human element has … Visit URL

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Developing leadership capabilities

The company had achieved fantastic growth, doubling in size every 4 or 5 years over the previous decade, and it expected revenues to double again within the next 8 years. The nature of business was also changing, the value of individual projects had increased three- to fourfold, the work was getting more complex, and there was a strong Visit URL

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The hidden toll of workplace incivility

Article (PDF-177KB) As the workplace becomes faster-paced, more technologically complex, and culturally diverse, civility matters. Among other things, it helps dampen potential tensions and furthers information sharing and team building. Yet workplace incivility is rampant and on the rise. The accumulation of thoughtless actions that leave Visit URL

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A better way to cut costs

The company also invested to improve the returns from its promotions by increasing the number of people who tailor events to the needs of local markets and by building its capacity to forecast product sales in events. Intelligent cost cutting need not reduce the overall scale of the savings that organizations can achieve. But by shifting the Visit URL

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The state of internal carbon pricing

French company Danone, for instance, publicly reports its carbon-adjusted earnings per share (EPS) using an internal carbon pricing of €35 per metric ton emitted. Danone’s adjusted EPS has grown faster than its regular EPS because of the company’s reduced carbon intensity—for instance, in 2019, Danone’s carbon-adjusted EPS grew 12 Visit URL

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