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MTN is a major communications company with headquarters in South Africa. MTN focuses mainly on the African continent. MTN Cameroon offers Calling services; Data and messaging services and promotional offers to its consumers online. MTN Cameroon is very much respected the locals and favored over the state-run Camtel and France based Orange Cameroun.

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Cameroon Online Business

Cameroon Online DirectoryCameroon Online Business Websites. Post and list your Cameroon Business Websites online here if it has relevance to any of these categories. This is for business organization. Please include the category in the subject line. Scroll below for a full listing of current Cameroon businesses in the directory. Visit URL

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After the first transfer of $3580.00 USD the shipping company said that there was an additional $21,000.00 needed, for export tax. Nkam Jean Marie said he would pay 10,000.00 if I would pay the 11,000.00 to get the 30 kilos of gold shipped to my refinery in TEXAS. Visit URL

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These companies scams or not

I know a company that contacted me was a scam or not. ATTN: MR. UKEFI STAR-LINK CAMEROON SARL. N° 102 Rue Bepanda Omnisport, B.P. 3312 Akwa, Douala- Cameroon Visit URL

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Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company Buys Pecten Cameroon

Addax Petroleum Cameroon Company’s Managing Director, Beaumont, revealed that the decision to acquire Shell Overseas Holdings Limited’s share in Pecten, falls in line with Addax Petroleum’s growth objectives and investment commitment in Cameroon.. The company has been active for several years in exploration in Cameroon and has the objectives to invest and expand in Africa as … Visit URL

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Limbe Cameroon Today

Yaounde, Cameroon Africa. (Cameroon News) – The government of Cameroon has signed the Letter of Intent of Forzi Sugar Company Limited, valued at FCFA 150 billion, the President of the Forzi Sugar Company Limited, Forzi Nkemmayang said in a press release. The Letter of Intent is for the debenture programme and also intended for funding […] Visit URL

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Cameroon travel and Information Guide. Cameroun: Africa in

Cameroon Travel and Information Guide. "Welcome to Cameroun, Bienvenue, to You. Cameroon is regarded as Africa in miniature. This central west African nation could not have asked for a better location.. From its arid north through its grassland center to its dense rain forest south, it rightly deserves the designation, Africa In Miniature. Visit URL

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Lemie poultry company ltd.

Lemie poultry company ltd. I found this person on alibaba . com and i ve ordered ostrich chicks to Pakistan and before making payment i would like to make … Visit URL

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Cameroon Vonn Construction Companys real or fake

Vonn Construction Company LTD is a Fake Cameroon Company run by Mr. AMBE JOSEPH AMABO. Dear Reader: It is refreshing to see that you took time to do your due deligence and not throw away your hard earned money to these low-lifers. Ofcourse Vonn Construction Company LTD is scam like many others and be sure to stay away from it. Visit URL

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Dealing with Cameroonian company

Response to Dealing with Cameroonian company Dear Mac: Unfortunately the attached certificate was not properly scanned and is not readable. Provide us with the following information on this company: Name, address, registration , location and contact person names and phone numbers. Visit URL

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Cameroon Scam fraud

The Cameroon Scam fraud company name means nothing, its all fake. So do not go talk about the Cameroon Chambers of Commerce, you will never see this companies there listed. After collecting all these points, write you experiences stating what happens, dollar amounts spend and effect on you, your family and your business. Visit URL

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Afoh-Lato Sarl company

Afoh-Lato Sarl company - Cameroon Scam Company (Criminals) by mohamed A. (Egypt) Bamenda , Cameroon. Please I want to know if Afoh-lato Sarl company is real Cameroon company or not. address : main commercail street , Nkwen B.P Box 1008 Bamenda- Cameroon Phones : +23799416978 , +23799884281 Visit URL

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Comments for How can I verify a Cameroon company's

Our company has recently been approached by a company in Cameroon that wants to buy our products. They claim to be negotiating on behalf of another customer, and want us to pay them commission on the order when their customer has paid us. It seems they have assigned themselves as our company's "agents" in Cameroon, which we find strange. Visit URL

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Comments for Fraud or genuine company

PLEASE BE free to contact me if the company is not a fraud company. drazel construction website just got suspended thanks: Rating: razel en camerum by: el brujo received a very tentative job offer, they sent me the contract by mail, but I told them first of all is to contact me by telephone, but never received a call from them,,,, insurance scam Visit URL

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Comments for Africa Orascom Construction Company

Orascom Construction Company Cameroon - A Scam by: Anonymous I received a job offer in Cameroon - from the construction Company Orascom Industries, Yaounde - as an electrician with hourly wage - $ 100, 7 hours per day, 5 days a week - there are 22 working days. 7 * 22 = 154h, is more than EUR 15,000 per month. Visit URL

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Verify the business presence of IMLO

The company has shared Bank details and also verification of our company to check the legal status of our company in India. But we are unable to get there Business address and other details for update and verification. No Money transfer or exchange of business done till now. But, in good faith, I … Visit URL

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Comments for Is there a construction company named Africa

Is there a construction company named Africa Construction Company Ltd currently active in Kribi Cameroon by: Miles This is a huge scam. We hope no one spend their money on these scams. While is this active contructions projected to take place in Cameroon, Africa, many fraudsters use this as a way of duping others in claims of employment. Visit URL

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Is Camfarmers Company Ltd a real company

Is Camfarmers Company Ltd a real company? by reg (UK) Cameroon Africa. I have been in touch with this company to purchase dry yeast for baking in large quantities. However, i hear so many stories of fraud in Cameroon Africa that I am hesitant to go through with the deal. Visit URL

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Cam. Agro. Max. ltd & Globalmaritimelogistic

My company existing in Palestinian Territory held an agreement to export three (3) containers of green cardamom from Cameroon Agro Max LTD in Cameroon. This was at the end of Oct.2011. During this long period of time my company transfered them what money amount they were asking so they could send what we had agreed upon. Visit URL

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Cameroon Health Insurance

Your private medical Insurance company; Check to see that your private insurance company can be used overseas and whether emergency health expenses (medical evacuation) are covered. In most cases you will have to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed upon return home. Visit URL

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Cameroon Business News: Cameroon Sets Up 1500 Businesses

The Yaounde One-Stop-Shop is located right next to CRTV’s Radio Broadcasting House in Nlongkak. It is a prominent location where a lot of public services who need to play an active role in the process of setting up a company are located. Visit URL

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Comments for Cameroon Company: S.K.T Imports/Exports Sarl

Can anybody write some info about this company. They offered very big the contract and the order. We need to know that is fake or real company? Thanks for all kind information!!! Response on report for: S.K.T Imports/Exports Sarl, # 84 Quartier Nkoloun, New-Bell, Douala. Dear Maria: This is a fake company, doesnot exist and avoid all dealings Visit URL

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Axxentis Job Offer

Axxentis Job Offer - Is a FAKE Cameroon Company 0023771066517 . by Anthony (Singapore) Cameroon Axxentis Job Offer Is a Scam. I have applied for the post of PC/LAN Technician in Axxentis via the ads in Gumtree . sg. After answering a few questionnaire, I was successfully accepted and was given a letter of employment. Visit URL

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Cameroon Scammers selling logs on Facebook

My company wanted to buy logs in Cameroon. I found some sellers on Facebook. They are Kuo Pierre, Mbah Trading Timber, Cameroon Timber, Best Timber, Stephen Basi Njeko. They wanted me to deposit 10 - 30% because Letter of Credit payment is not popular in Cameroon & their banking is not good enough for L/C. That is complicated as they said. Visit URL

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Comments for TABIKENG CORPORATION company is a real or

Comments for TABIKENG CORPORATION company is a real or fake company. Average Rating . Click here to add your own comments. Rating: Electrician by: M s anwar Dear sir i am looking for job: Rating: Tabikeng Corporation Cameroon by: Anonymous Thank you for the warning, they have such a professional web site. Visit URL

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ZIPPAN GROUP of company, Bassa Industrial Zone, Douala

we want do business with this company, you could check if this company exists: zippan group of company, bassa industrial zone, douala-littoral region, cameroon Africa as a Company. we want to buy milk powder from this company. Under registracion LT/GP/01/35/454P number of 25 June 2006. Thanks, Bets regards NIDHI, OM TEX INDIA, INDIA, E-MAIL Visit URL

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Douala transport services

A very popular and preferred bus company by business expatriates in Douala is the American owned Le Car bus company. Check our list of various bus companies in Douala, Cameroon and the services they provide. Douala Flight; Douala is home to a Douala international Airport. Visit URL

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CAMEROON BUSINESSES & CAMEROON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. by abed. (Saudi Arabia) DEAR CAMEROONIANS: Does my company have to register in the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce to get import permit to buy sugar from a Cameroon Sugar Company? Your suggestions and advice will be very much appreciated. Many Thanks. Abed from Saudi Arabia. Visit URL

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USADP United States African Development project

Juliet Trading Company. Rue awka 102. Douala Littorial region. Republic Cameroon. Fax: 00237- 3440-15836. Tel: 00237- 656. Mrs) Juliet Kamga / Managing Director . (Mr) Richard Yanick / Business Development. We have got mail from these sender Juliet Trading Company regarding the purchase of safety shoes and thwy have told us to submit porforma Visit URL

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NOVEMBER 2010 ( - BOWLEVEN, the oil and gas company, saw the prices of its shares going higher by 6.5 per cent yesterday. As soon as the favorable results of a drilling exploration that was undertaken in one of its core projects in Cameroon was announced the shares of Bowleven increased by 6.5 percent yesterday. Visit URL

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Douala Becomes Cameroon’s Waste Disposal Capital

Douala is known as the economic capital of Cameroon many years ago. Today, Douala is not only crowned as the economic capital but could be as the Waste Capital of Cameroon. City residents are troubled and tired of the happenings in Douala concerning the collection and clearance of domestic waste. An unhappy housewife in Bonaberi […] Visit URL

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Cameroon Diamond Mining Industry

C&K Mining a company based out of S Korea had secured all relevant approvals in July to develop a diamond mine located in the vicinity of the southeastern town of Yakadouma for a contract that spanned for 25 years until 2035. The ministry said President Paul Biya validated the license and guaranteed final approval this Thursday. Visit URL

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Cameroon Jobs and Opportunities posting Board

Cameroon Jobs and opportunities posts board. The world wide economic crisis has had a devastating effect in sub-Sahara Africa nations. Cameroon is no exception to these. Lack of information and effective communication of the few available job opportunities makes it harder for the BEST qualified candidates to apply for some of the most lucrative Visit URL

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Cameroon Business News: Germans Come Back To Cameroon

Yaounde, Cameroon Africa(Cameroon News) – Germans get ready to come back to Cameroon. Finance Minister Essimi Menye was touring Germany, one of the world’s most industrialized countries, and the country that was once upon a time the colonial power that ruled Cameroon. The visit which lasted or around two weeks was intended to lure new […] Visit URL

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Krea International from Douala Cameroon

Krea International from Douala Cameroon - fraudsters !!!! by Adam (Belgium) Be careful with any of your contact with company named Krea International from Douala Cameroon. Visit URL

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An Overview of Cameroon Agriculture and Food Market

The state owner sugar company Societe Sucriere du Cameroun (SOSUCAM), has been going through a real difficult time trying to increase output. This has also resulted in bringing about a wide gap between supply and demand in the local markets. Visit URL

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