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Microsoft Advertising Formerly Bing Ads

Details: Do you own You're Missing Out on High Value Audience with Lower Cost-per-Click & Great ROI! Get Started Today. pleo card

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Mastering petty cash: What it is and how to manage it

Details: A petty cash book is the physical copy of your records. Petty cash vouchers, receipts and notes about purchases must all go into the book, which can sometimes lead to a mess of documents spilling out of the book. But this is supposed to help the key holders keep track of what is spent where, as well as how much petty cash is available. pleo pharma

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Why it's time to revamp your business travel expense policy

Details: A company-wide travel expense policy is a great step towards establishing ground rules for everyone and transparency from the CEO down. When done fairly, there is less temptation to spend outside those limits. But business expense fraud can still happen. A travel policy doesn’t just lay the ground rules, it also means that your people will be pleo careers

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Time to optimise your petty cash book

Details: The purpose of a petty cash book is to keep things simple. The log should only contain petty cash spending which separates it from cash-on-hand (the latter of which is recorded in a ledger of its own). Every once in a while, the petty cash fund is reconciled and refreshed, then accounted for in a company’s expense system.

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